Electronic Fishery Information System

Welcome to Fish Trax™, an electronic fishery information platform that helps industry, marketers, and fishery managers collect, analyze, and share information that is critical for the success of their fishery.

Developed initially by a collaboration of fishermen and scientists for managing fisheries in near-real time, the Fish Trax™ system has evolved to become an important tool for consumers who want to know more about the seafood they eat –including the origin and harvest area of a particular fish.

As the world becomes more concerned about the health of fisheries, the Fish Trax™ system has evolved to become a comprehensive tool for ensuring the sustainability of fishery resources.  This revolutionary technology is based on the vision that sustainable fisheries can only be achieved by increasing the efficient use and exchange of information within the broader fishery system — which includes the fishermen and processors, the coastal communities, the scientists and managers, and consumers and the marketplace.

Information is power.  And Fish Trax™ is the next great power tool.